Ryerson University Magazine


Ryerson University is Canada's leader for career-focused university education. Its urban campus surrounds Yonge-Dundas Square, located at the busiest intersection in downtown Toronto. It’s a great place to observe the neighbourhood’s incredible diversity — nurses and civil servants, buskers and clergymen, theatre ushers and tourists — but also to chart the city’s constantly changing landscape filled with new buildings, new industry, and newcomers. 

It’s fitting that Ryerson sits at the centre of all this activity. The school is known for its progressive nature, vibrant energy, and inclusive spirit. The faculty and student body, both past and present, showcase the same diversity seen at Yonge-Dundas Square.

The university asked us to redesign their semi-annual alumni magazine, Ryerson University Magazine, a publication that connects alumni, donors, staff, and students to the inspiring stories coming out of the school.

We collaborated with their internal team to reimagine their visual language as something more contemporary, allowing the stories — and the university — shine. We introduced new contributors to their roster, including some of their own, very talented alumni. Daniel Ehrenworth, Image Arts '03 shot the cover and cover story. Arthur Mola, Image Arts '11, documented their yearly School of Fashion's Mass Exodus show and delivered a pile of wonderful images. Both were contributing to the magazine for the very first time.

“It's so great to see it in print - when I opened up the box, it felt so right!”

colleen mellor, editor, ryerson university magazine



EditorColleen Mellor. Cover Story Photography, Daniel Ehrenworth. Mass Exodus Photography, Arthur Mola. Additional Photography Credits, Hung Le, Mark Blinch, Christopher Manson, May Truong, Karon Liu. Illustration, Rami Niemi.