Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Ryerson University's Yeates School of Graduate Studies offers nearly 50 graduate programs for individuals looking to hone their skills and advance their careers. Graduate education is a vibrant and thriving entity at Ryerson—making substantive contributions to the evolution of the university and its reputation for innovation and change making.

Ryerson approached us to develop their annual 'Year in Review' piece, meant to celebrate the achievements of their students and enhance awareness of their graduate education programs.

Alongside Arthur Mola, we were able to photograph some of Ryerson's incredible students—everything from a group of aerospace engineers making Elon Musk's hyperloop dreams come true to an MBA graduate making mobile devices accessible to persons with disabilities.

This year's theme, as provided by Ryerson, was "graduate education as your passport to the future." So we shrank the size of book, created a series of personalized passport stamps to pepper throughout and worked with the printer to create a stock that really does feel like a passport.

For the cover illustration, we worked with Ben Weeks.