Genesis Motors & Saks Fifth Avenue


The Globe and Mail's content studio, The Globe Edge, hired us to dream up and execute a sponsored content campaign for Genesis Motors and Saks Fifth Avenue's new made-to-measure suit program. Both entities offer their clients the luxury of time and style through concierge services, home delivery and a handful of other offerings.

Drawing on this idea, writer Danielle Groen asked five super dapper gentlemen what they would do for themselves if they managed to steal a little time away from their busy lives. Our subjects didn't disappoint!

Charlie's Burgers founder, Franco Stalteri, would snag an hour to drink an espresso and pick up some groceries at St. Clair and Dufferin, where he grew up. Emergency room MD, Parambir Keila, would pour over magazines at his favourite coffee shop (a man after our own heart, obvs!) If money and time were no object Gallant Law would chase the tennis circuit around the world, but since they are, he'd sip a cocktail at one of his favourite hotel bars.

We photographed each stylish subject in the setting they'd chosen—orchestrated by the amazing KZM Agency and shot by Evaan Kheraj and Norman Wong.


Profiles, Danielle Groen. Production, KZM Agency. Wardrobe, Saks Fifth Avenue x You. Cars, Genesis Motors. Photographs (Law, Stalteri, Keast) Evaan Kheraj, (Keila, MacDonald) Norman Wong. Grooming (Keila, Stalteri, Keast) Claudine Balthazar for Dermalogica/KMS/Plutino Group, (Law, MacDonald) Wendy Rorong for Jack Black/Plutino Group. Locations, (Law) The Ritz-Carlton, (Keila) Propeller Coffee Company, (Stalteri) Tre Mari Bakery, Diana Meat & Grocery, (Keast) Torteria San Cosme.